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Psoriasis - Before and After

Best Seller

Psoriasis -A best Seller on Amazon
Leonie Mateer tells her story with honesty and  stark humility.  Living with a socially and personally  disfiguring disease she offers her readers twenty five years of research into how to eliminate the effects of plaque psoriasis.  


She tells of tried and tested cures from crystals, coal tar and ointments to almost every drug available.  She finally finds the cure in the most unexpected place.  


A must read for any psoriasis sufferer.

"My dermatologist had exhausted his drug recommendations - my gums bled, my hair fell out, my lips swelled.  In desperation I researched a healthy alternative for treating my psoriasis - I found it!  It worked!  It has changed my life!"

                                   Leonie Mateer 


"It is wonderful!  Absolutely wonderful to control the disease and feel the power of self-healing.    


If I can do it, so can other psoriasis sufferers.   All we need is the knowledge." 

My skin has been clear now for four years and counting!

Nothing feels better than waking in the morning and knowing my sheets are as clean as when I went to sleep.. no blood stains.. no more shame.


It changed my life!

I no longer have to wear long skirts and long sleeves.. I wear shorts and t-shirts and my legs and arms are healthy and clear! 


I took control of my Psoriasis!

After twenty-five years of shame, embarrassment and humiliation - I finally am free!! 

No more flakes, no more greasy ointment residue!

It was so simple- so easy!

Once I learned my psoriasis was growing and thriving in my acidic body - I changed what I was eating.  

If only I had known twenty-five years ago - allI had to do was change what I was eating! 


By body was covered 75% with red, scaly plaques!

“Twenty-five years as a psoriasis sufferer.. I finally found a drug-free, healthy cure.. within weeks I saw my skin begin to heal!  My psoriatic arthritis in my ankles improved immediately!  


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About the Author – Leonie Mateer


Leonie Mateer was born and raised in New Zealand, but moved to the United States in her 30s to pursue business opportunities. She lived back in New Zealand for several years in the 2000s, running a luxury lodge in Northland, and now splits her time between New Zealand and the USA.

Mateer is known as the creator of the multi-million dollar TEEN brand and product line “CABOODLES”. And with over thirty years experience in product development and brand development she has published business advise books.


PSORIASIS – THE SIMPLE CURE – WHO KNEW? Was her first health and wellness book followed by the sequel -

“PSORIASIS – STAYING CLEAR.  THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE” a comprehensive collection of  “tried and true” healthy recommendations for clearing psoriasis. 


She has also written THE AUDREY MURDERS – a five book thriller series, starring Audrey, a serial killer living in idyllic small-town New Zealand. 


Other books include:  THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DANTONIA (mid-grade), BLACK LAKE (mid-grade), THE CABOODLES BLUEPRINT (business advise) and HAVE A PRODUCT IDEA? WHANT NOW? 

She recently released a new online game 'READ YOUR OWN FORTUNE" based on a product line she launched over 25 years ago and has take the concept of deciphering tarot cards so anyone can read their own fortune. 

To visit Leonie Mateer's Author Website:    

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