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The "No-No" list of Acidic Foods!

I get asked often "What foods shouldn't I eat?" Of course, everyone is different and what foods cause my psoriasis to "flare up" may be different from what foods affect your psoriasis. However, there is a "no-no" list.

I would place "sugar" on my list. If you haven't seen the movie ,"That Sugar Movie", you should! It changed my life. As soon as I stopped eating sugar, my psoriatic arthritis in my ankles began to heal. I used to limp and even topple over at times, my ankles were so weak. Now I can run. I haven't had a tweak of pain or weakness since. Giving up sugar was a major player in healing my psoriasis naturally.

The second "no-no" is dairy. Wow.. not only did I see results in my psoriasis.. but two years later I have not only lost all my excess weight, but I have maintained a slender body for the first time in my life. Dairy was a trigger for me. I don't even miss it now.

Other no-no's include vinegar (replace with lemon or lime juice) black tea and coffee(replace with herbal and rooibos teas), soy sauce, mustard and meats. Oh, and alcohol.

Remember, when you start to balance your pH in your body you will start with 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.. but once your skin has cleared you can go to 60% alkaline and 40% acidic.

I have my favorite acidic foods and choose them in my 40% everyday. However I have eliminated sugar and dairy completely from my diet.

If you have an acid heavy day.. drink lots and lots of alkaline water to help to balance you pH.

Many psoriasis sufferers have "food flare ups". These can be different for everyone. I have been told that tomatoes and potatoes affect some psoriasis sufferers. They don't affect me. However cashew nuts caused my psoriasis to flare up. Now that you are aware how foods affect your psoriasis, keep a watch on any food reactions and you will learn to avoid foods that irritate your skin.

Happy Healing!

This is my story: I had psoriasis for twenty-five years -

until I found a healthy way to clear my skin!

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