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Psoriasis - Before and After

If anyone told me four years ago that I would have clear, healthy skin after twenty-five years of embarrassment and humiliation - I would not have believed them. I had tried everything from sticky, greasy ointments, smelly tar to drugs, drugs and more drugs.

My body was covered 75% in ugly, red scales.

Living with psoriasis was humiliating, embarrassing, socially and sexually inhibiting and, if that wasn't bad enough, I was falling over with weak, sore ankles riddled with psoriatic arthritis.

And, worse, I didn't qualify for the wonder drug, Enbrel, due to MS in my family. "Too risky" my dermatologist said as he sent me off with another tube of greasy ointment.

So there I was, covered in red scales with no hope in sight. That was when I decided to do some serious research. What was causing my "flare ups". Why were they becoming more frequent?

I read books, blogs and watched relevant movies and videos - until I found the answer. I knew what was causing my skin to flare. I knew why my body was sore and bleeding. I was acidic!

Testing my pH balance with pH test strips confirmed it. I was"off the chart" on the acidic side. My body had been starved of alkaline foods.

I had a purpose. I would change what I ate. I would drink alkaline water and keep away from acidic foods. I went shopping, grew a vege garden, downloaded a alkaline/acid food chart and stuck it to my fridge door, tested my pH level daily and watched my body begin to heal.

I noticed it first in my ankles. As soon as I stopped eating sugar the pain and weakness began to subside. I stopped eating dairy and drinking coffee and black tea. I ate more greens and added herbs to everything.

Slowly my skin healed. The plaques faded. The redness disappeared. I began to wear shorts and t-shirts and expose my new healed skin to the sun.

Once I learned that certain foods were causing my psoriasis flare - I avoided them. I watch what I eat. Cashews cause my plaques to appear, other psoriasis sufferers find tomatoes and potatoes cause flare-up.

It is wonderful! Wonderful to control the disease and feel the power of self healing. If I can do it, so can other psoriasis sufferers. All we need is the knowledge.

Happy Healing!

This is my story:

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