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Moisturize - for Clear, Healthy Skin

Moisturize for clear, healthy skin - Daily

Twenty Five years of scaly, red, sore skin was a nightmare - to say the least! But what was even worse... dry, red, sore skin!

As my psoriasis began to heal and my skin returned to normal I knew that keeping my body moisturized was key in keeping it clear and healthy.

One of the major psoriasis "no no's" is never, never, never let your skin get dry and scaly.. Daily moisturizing is essential to keep your psoriasis in check!

Many years ago I discovered a wonderful cream that is perfect - non greasy, non perfumed, healthy and wonderful to apply all over my body. My dermatologist, at the time, prescribed it and ever since I use it on a daily basis. A large pottle and lasts for months and months.

Non-Ionic Cream - Cetomacrogol 1000 BP

So check with your doctor first - but I highly recommend this cream for all psoriasis sufferers!

So when to moisturize? The answer is simple - daily, even twice daily!

Immediately after I bathe, I moisturize my body before it dries completely. Once your body has been exposed to the air for too long, it becomes less absorbent. So towel off and moisturize.

Bath Time is so important for psoriasis sufferers. Medical experts say keep the water warm - not "hot" and soak in the bath for at least twenty minutes. This gives your skin time to soften. I always use a big scoop of baking (bicarb) soda, and lavender oil. Nothing like propping your laptop on a nearby stool and watching a movie or listen to your collection of relaxing music.

What if you still have plaques and dry patches?

I have used Daivonex ointment for many years. All during my psoriasis years - this cream or ointment became my "stand by".

Daivonex Ointment

Calcipotriol 50 microgram/g

Applied twice daily

Again check with your dermatologist or medical practitioner - you need a prescription for this medication also.

If you have red, scaly patches - apply the Daivonex Ointment to the areas making sure you rub completely into the plaques - then apply the Non-Ionic cream to your whole body. This keeps your body moist and supple and prevents your plaques from cracking and scaling.

Having lived with psoriasis for so many years, I have tried so many products. These two products work every time.

Daivonex seems to work the best when it is fresh and from a new tube. I have tried Daivobet (with steroids) but my body reacts badly to steroids and, as a long term, option - I wouldn't recommend it.

I have written my story - how I cleared my skin from psoriasis after suffering from this awful skin condition for 25 years. I have had clear skin now for over two years.


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