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Is your clothing psoriasis-friendly?

Does psoriasis affect what you wear?

When I was suffering from psoriasis sores all over my body there were places that simply 'hurt'. Under my breasts made wearing a bra so painful. I purchased softer gentler genie bras with no underwires and stretchy fabric. It helped.

Scratchy fabrics like heavy linens and knitted wools are a no-no. I replaced tight fitting clothing with loose fitting tops, skirts and pants.

I wondered why my skin was always so sensitive. Before my psoriasis flared - twenty-five years ago, I used to be so proud of my skin. It was so soft and clear.

Not only did clothing affect my skin but I was sensitive to hot and cold. Even today when i have clear skin I am still super sensitive to fabrics and the weather.

Sheets are another problem. Natural fabrics made from bamboo and cotton are soft and work for me.

Fabrics need to be light and breathable. In winter I wear layers.. lots of layers to keep warm. Prickly woolen coats and jackets are nasty on my skin. I wear soft tights under my long skirts, jeans and pants to keep me warm. Cotton underwear and soft camisoles layered with long sleeved tanks keep harsher fabrics from touching my skin.

And it doesn't stop at the feet. Soft ballet-type shoes are great! Soft sneakers with lots of stretch. Soft leather boots in winter. Cozy socks - love them, especially mohair socks!

Check you are not washing your clothes and bedding in harsh detergents. Avoid detergents with brighteners.

So spoil yourself with what you wear. Allow yourself to indulge in natural fabrics - keeping your skin happy and keeping your wardrobe psoriasis-friendly- it is worth it.

Take it off when you can!

I would never expose my psoriasis in public.. always wearing long-sleeved shirts, long skirts or pants. But in private, it was another thing - I would remove my "covers" and allow my skin to breathe.

Whenever and where ever you can, expose your skin to natural sunlight.. avoid over exposing but letting the sun's vitamin D penetrate your skin is natures way of healing.

"Before antibiotics, sunlight was used to speed up the healing of wounds because sunlight is an efficient germ killer. Sunlight is man's primary source of vitamin D, the 'sunshine vitamin'. You get only a quarter of the vitamin D you need from your diet with the rest coming from the sun" Sunlight Institute.

In the winter months I use a sun lamp (see blog) if I cannot access the sun's natural rays. Even though my skin is clear of psoriasis, it is still sensitive to fabrics. Keeping my skin clear is an ongoing process. It takes daily attention to what I eat and drink. But when you know what triggers your psoriasis.. you can take control of your psoriasis and be psoriasis-clear like me.

Check out my other blogs and to read how i cleared my skin naturally after 25 years of suffering with psoriasis, please read my book - available on Amazon

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