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Psoriasis Foods - What heals!

It should be easy, shouldn't it? Just downloading a food chart of all the perfect foods to heal your psoriasis. But it isn't that easy. Why? Because everyone is different. What foods I love, you may hate. It is all about working out what foods from the "yes" list you can add to your everyday meals and know you are not only healing your skin - but enjoying every bite.

I have spent a lifetime of dieting to lose weight weight .. I must have lost the same thirty pounds a hundred times. It always came back. Healing your psoriasis is not about diet. It is about making your body so healthy your red, scaly body simply turns into clear, healthy skin.

And a wonderful side effect - your body weight settles at your optimum healthy level. No more yo-yo!

It is about educating yourself and celebrating in the knowledge that you can finally take control of this disfiguring disease and heal yourself forever. It is not about deprivation.

So lets talk food. I get asked "what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?" I find it easier to choose the foods I like from the alkaline food group and simply add them to my meals.

When my body was covered in psoriasis I ate 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food. I just chose the acid food I couldn't live without and added heaps of alkaline food to it.

If I want to eat eggs (acidic) I would add fresh parsley and spinach and onions (alkaline)

If I want chicken (acidic) soup I would add tons of vegetables and herbs i.e. ginger, garlic, onions, chilli pepper, sweet potato and vegetable stock with a big bunch of fresh herbs from my garden on top which I removed before serving.

If I felt like Mexican food - I would eliminate the dairy (cheese, sour cream etc) and enjoy avocado, garlic, chilli peppers, fresh lime juice, tomatoes, refried beans and corn chips.

My only rule was to totally eliminate two acidic food groups that caused psoriasis flare-ups: sugar and dairy. I had psoriatic arthritis in my ankles. As soon as I eliminated sugar my symptoms dissipated - all symptoms have now gone.

As a sugar junkie I thought giving up sugar would be a nightmare.. it wasn't. I have lost all cravings for sugar now. This is my third year without easter eggs... I smile just knowing I am no longer addicted to chocolate, deserts and everything sweet.

Now my psoriasis has healed, I eat 60% alkaline foods and 40% acidic foods.. If I stray .. my plaques begin to re appear... I drink more alkaline induced water (adding 1/8tsp of baking soda (from a health food store) or freshly squeezed lemon or lime to every glass of drinking water) and add more greens to my meals until my pH level is balanced again.

it is all about enjoying every meal and knowing you have conquered the psoriasis beast!

Happy healing.

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