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How to test your pH Levels

I could hardly wait to test my pH levels once I heard Psoriasis grows in an acidic body. I ordered my pH test strips online but couldn't wait for them to turn up in my letterbox so I hopped into my car and drove to the nearest hardware store.

I figured the pH Test strips I had used in the past to test my hot tub water would work on me too. I was right. They worked fine. I was so acidic - I simply jumped for joy! That was the beginning of my journey to clear my psoriasis and bring back my once perfect clear, healthy skin.

Now I test my pH levels almost daily. When I see that I am slipping into the danger zone (towards the acid level - I increase my alkaline water intake and eat more alkaline foods until I am in the perfect zone 7.0 - 7.5.

So how do you do it? Well the instructions are on the package which features a color chart below:

You simply dip the end of the stick into your saliva (I spit some saliva into a cup and dip in the stick - it is not recommended to dip the stick into your mouth). You only need to leave it in the saliva for a second or two then take it out, and match the colors on your stick to the color chart on the package. Presto.. you have you pH level. What is it?

It is not about changing your pH balance..(you can't) but rather maintaining a healthy pH balance. It is not about making your pH highly alkaline 8-9-10 (you would be dead) It is all about eliminating acidic foods in order to maintain a healthy balance and, in turn, healthy skin.

Learning this simple fact changed my life. It did! Finally I could take control of my psoriasis. I had a place to start.

Two years later I have clear healthy skin. My pH levels stay at optimal levels and by being aware of what I eat I can maintain my clear skin.

Happy Healing!

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