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Healing Psoriasis - The no-drug way!

Greasy ointments, smelling tars, drugs that made my hair fall out, my gums bleed and my lips swell! Every prescription gave me hope, every drug took that away. My dermatologist was at his wit's end. Finally I was approved for Enbrel! The wonder drug! But alas, MS in my family prevented me for qualifying - so there I was covered 75% with ugly, embarrassing red, scales and a future of covering my body from head to toe in public

But if there is one quality I have - it is tenacity. I was determined to beat this horrible disfiguring disease - I hit the web! Research, research and research. What is psoriasis? What causes psoriasis?

What could I do to clear my skin?

When I read it - I couldn't believe it! Why, after twenty-five years of suffering with psoriasis, did I not know psoriasis grows in an acidic body? This was a life-changer.

First, I needed to find out if my body was acidic. I purchased some pH test strips from my local hardware store (for spas and pools) being much too impatient to wait for my delivery from Amazon. Sure enough, I was acidic!

That set me off on a research frenzy. What foods were acidic? What could I eat? Would it work?

It did - for four years now I have clear skin and my psoriatic arthritis in my ankles is gone!

You truly are what you eat! Keeping my body pH balanced has enabled me to clear my skin.

As always, check with your doctor before changing your diet. My dermatologist on my last visit to him said , "You have made my day! Keep doing what you are doing."

I learned to eat more alkaline foods and avoid highly acidic foods. I discovered what foods caused my psoriasis to "flare". I learned to keep my body alkaline throughout the day and test my pH balance on a regular basis.

Today I am healthy, happy, slender and psoriasis free. One of the benefits of keeping your body pH balanced and away from highly acidic foods such as sugar and dairy is weight loss. I have always been a yo-yo dieter. I lost my excess weight and everyday I can't believe the scales - my new weight doesn't fluctuate beyond a pound or two. What a bonus!

Happy Healing!

Read my psoriasis journey to clear skin!

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