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Liquid Chlorophyll - the green healer!

For two weeks the local shops up here in the far north of New Zealand have been out of green leafy vegetables.. no lettuce, silverbeet, broccoli or spinach. Stormy weather ruined the local crops (including mine) and, as the days progressed, my body began to go into withdrawal. I found myself actually craving green leaves.

If you had told me this a couple of years ago - I would have laughed. Ice Cream, lemon pie maybe...but greens!!! That was before I healed my psoriasis and learned to eat foods that healed my skin rather than cause "flare-ups".

Then I remembered my liquid chlorophyll in my fridge. It is a great source of Vitamins A, C, E & K. Chlorophyll is a pigment in green plants that transfers light into energy.

For me, it is a minty, tasty drink of green vegetables that helps keep me pH balanced and my skin clear of psoriasis.

The instructions are on the bottle.. (5 mls or 1 teaspoon twice daily). I like to add 1capful to my glass of drinking water and keep it chilled with ice. The drops are great when you are traveling but I prefer the chlorophyll concentrate. There is only one flavour I really like.. it is a "fresh mint flavour".. some versions are rather bitter - so check out your options.

There are known side effects so check with your doctor before taking it. It’s also possible that chlorophyll could negatively interact with medications you are taking.

You can make your own:

The blog Cook almost Anything shows how you can make your own liquid chlorophyll supplement by using parsley and water. Three ounces of parsley makes about 2 tablespoons of chlorophyll. Get the recipe here. You can then use your homemade chlorophyll for a tasty smoothie recipe, like from the blog The Green Lean Bean.

Plants that are fresh and green are probably a good source of chlorophyll. This means vegetables and herbs such as:

  • wheatgrass

  • green beans

  • spinach

  • parsley

  • arugula

  • peas

  • leeks

One cup of raw spinach contains about 24 milligrams of chlorophyll. Parsley has about 19 milligrams per cup. You can blend parsley with water to create a “liquid chlorophyll” drink. Other greens will average 4 to 15 milligrams per cup. Your best source of chlorophyll will come from veggies and herbs that are green, inside and out. Veggies like broccoli and asparagus may be green on the outside but their whitish interior indicates a smaller amount of chlorophyll.


So, if you are not getting your fair share of greens... liquid chlorophyll is a great substitute and a pleasant icy drink as an everyday option for keeping you pH balanced and psoriasis clear!

Happy Healing

Please check out my other blogs for great psoriasis healing tips.

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