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Kale Chips - The perfect alkaline snack!

So why Kale? I could say it is because of all the wonderful health benefits (of which there are many) but really it's because it is the one salty alkaline snack we can eat as often and as much as we want. Yeah!!

It combines three alkaline foods in one: Kale, Himalayan salt and olive oil. Isn't that just perfect!

I was a potato chip snacker...until I discovered this trick of turning this leafy green vegetable into a naughty tasting, crunchy, salty snack.

So simple to make. Preset your oven to 350 f. or 175 c.

(1) Just use a scissors to cut off the curly parts of the leaves into bite size portions.

(2) Wash the kale in a colander

(3) Dry in a salad spinner (or whatever you have) Note: leaves must be very dry

(4) Dribble over olive oil and rub it in to the leaves

(5) Sparingly sprinkle over pink Himalayan Salt (don't use any other salt - other salts are highly


(6) You can get more creative at this stage and add other spices or lemon juice (another alkaline food)

(7) Bake for five minutes in the pre-heated oven

(8) Turn the tray and keep baking for another 5 minutes (until the ends begin to brown)

(9) Eat!!!

The first time I made the Kale chips I used way too much salt... I also cooked them too long. Its all trial and error... but when I figured it out - the chips were light, tasty and surprisingly yummy!

So lets get down to why Kale is called "The new beef" and "The queen of greens" and a "nutritional powerhouse" on so many websites: Check out this website for fantastic information on the benefits of Kale here

Basically it is low in calories, high in iron, high in fiber, high in calcium, high in vitamins, filled with powerful antioxidants and, for all of us psoriasis sufferers, it is a great anti-inflammatory food.

Best of all - it is Alkaline and on every psoriasis sufferer"s healing list of healing foods.

Happy Healing!

Read my psoriasis story - 25 years of suffering until I found the simple cure -

It's a quick read

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